About Us

Manchester City Malaysia (MCM) Fans Group is a Manchester City football fans club based in Malaysia, generally operated in the area of Klang Valley. It was founded on 1 st January 2007 by a group of some young men who had gathered in Facebook to assemble a side committed to share a point of view, live-view gathering of fans, playing football & futsal and some other activities.

The idea emerged when there was no such a group that could assemble the fans into one platform The group has been on fast growing numbers of fans, which were from 40 people on the initial stage of establishment and currently the number is increasing to 4000 group-fans 15,000 page-fans within a year. MCM is the only fans group representing Manchester City in this country, which there will be a plenty of activities & progress for the development of the group & members itself. This has been registered in ROS (Malaysian Registrar of Societies) in 3 rd May 2012. Globally, to be recognized by the world, MCM is being registered to mcfc.official.com (The official website of Manchester City), as a branch supporters in 3 rd May 2017.

There will be a plenty of master plan for the group to be recognized by the world; such as to get the status of ‘Heart of City’ – the place where the fans gathered for live-viewing game & sharing of activities; officially recognized by Manchester City FC. Besides, MCM has expanded the branches to each state in Malaysia, by having respective State Group Chairman.

Below are some compulsory activities held by us;

Daily Activities
  • Prediction of The Game
Monthly Activities

i. Indoor

  • MCM Monthly Award

ii. Outdoor

  • Live View Gathering
  • Futsal Friendly
  • Football Friendly
Annually Activities

i. Indoor

  • MCM Annual Awards

ii. Outdoor

  • Champions League Team Supporters
  • Futsal MCM Family