Frequently Asked Questions

1. Registration will be submit to MCFC monthly.

2. Delivery time:

Will be delivered approximately 30 – 45 days (maximum) after submission to MCFC.

3. How long is the validity of the membership:

1 season; eg: 2017/18

4. Membership rate:


5. Are there any difference between these OSC membership and Cityzens membership?

Or it is similar?

Apparently, Official supporters’ club membership and Cityzens membership are two

different memberships and doesn’t related between one another; but both membership

are originated from Manchester City FC itself.

– OSC membership is registered under Manchester City Malaysia as official


– Cityzens membership is open to everyone across the world.

6. Benefit provided for members by Manchester City FC (MCFC):

a) Membership card

b) Supporters Club allocation

c) Buy weekly tickets to annual dinner

d) Weekly opportunity to meet with the general secretary and club representative

e) Supporters club stadium tour

f) Membership to the Supporters’ club includes insurance cover to home and away

matches when on officially organised trips. (The National Federation of Football

Supporters’ Club runs this insurance scheme. This is for personal injury only)

7. Benefit provided for members by Manchester City Malaysia (MCM):

a) Entitle for discount on MCM Store

b) Priority given for supporters’ club activities (eg: Live screening gathering,

sponsored activities by MCFC/BPT/Dashing, meet and greet with MCFC


c) Free to take part on MCM social media activities

– MCM Fantasy & MCM Prediction are open to all (members & non-members) but

the prizes are only for the registered members

– The non-registered members only deserve for the fame in case of winning the


8. How to register Manchester City Malaysia Membership online:

a) Go to

b) Select membership

c) Complete all required details

d) Add to card

e) Checkout

Checkout Steps:

Step 1: Checkout Options

Step 2: Account & Billing Details

Step 3: Delivery Details

Step 4: Delivery Method

Step 5: Payment Method

Step 6: Confirm Order